the Year of 2006

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already 2007, and that I’m back in Alma.

Last night I was talking to my mom about returning to Spain during the week after the Center for Responsible Leadership takes all of us to England for a conference. Of course, being my mother, she reminded me that I should be saving my money instead of using it to travel, and also that I am still only 20 years old (not after Friday!), and that I will return to Spain eventually in my life and I don't have to do it all right now.

She then reminded me of all of the places I was during 2006.

New Years week- Guanajuato, Mexico
Spring Break – Tennesee/Kentucky for Alternative Break
May – Spring Term in Nicaragua for the month
June/July – 2 weeks in Peru
August – a week in New Mexico with the Center for Responsible Leadership, week out east in Maine/Massachusetts
September – December – study abroad in beautiful Segovia, Spain

We figured that during the past year, I’ve spent more time outside of Dearborn than I have in Dearborn. And if you don't count being at Alma, I’ve pretty much spent more time outside of Michigan than I have in Michigan…

I shouldn’t complain, but am looking forward to returning to Segovia & finally going down to Granada for a week.


Well, 2006 has come and gone and I can happily say that I enjoyed it and took advantage of the year. When I was in Spain, I realized that my two favorite Spanish verbs (how silly is that, favorite verbs!) are disfrutar and aprovechar, meaning “to enjoy” and “to take advantage of”. Well, these past four months, I have definitely enjoyed and taken advantage of the opportunities (not all, but many) that have come across my way.

Now looking back, I'm glad to have gone, wish I could have stayed, should have shared a few more things with the media naranja, but looking forward to August and possibly going back.

Now, it's back to Alma on Friday. 🙂

Kinda wish it was Segovia though….