It’s official! I now have tickets into London on July 31st with the CRL fellows and then out of Madrid on August 15th… that means 4 wonderful days in beautiful Spain after England.

Now it’s booking a flight on EasyJet, a hostal in Madrid for the night, a bus to Segovia and I’m back in my Spanish home.

Can’t wait.

the Year of 2006

It’s so hard to believe that it’s already 2007, and that I’m back in Alma.

Last night I was talking to my mom about returning to Spain during the week after the Center for Responsible Leadership takes all of us to England for a conference. Of course, being my mother, she reminded me that I should be saving my money instead of using it to travel, and also that I am still only 20 years old (not after Friday!), and that I will return to Spain eventually in my life and I don't have to do it all right now.

She then reminded me of all of the places I was during 2006.

New Years week- Guanajuato, Mexico
Spring Break – Tennesee/Kentucky for Alternative Break
May – Spring Term in Nicaragua for the month
June/July – 2 weeks in Peru
August – a week in New Mexico with the Center for Responsible Leadership, week out east in Maine/Massachusetts
September – December – study abroad in beautiful Segovia, Spain

We figured that during the past year, I’ve spent more time outside of Dearborn than I have in Dearborn. And if you don't count being at Alma, I’ve pretty much spent more time outside of Michigan than I have in Michigan…

I shouldn’t complain, but am looking forward to returning to Segovia & finally going down to Granada for a week.