Another New Peruvian!

On Thursday July 14th, 2022, I became a Peruvian citizen!

Since I was able to obtain citizenship through marriage to a Peruvian it was a much, much shorter process from start to finish (five months versus Billy’s five years!) but now all three of us are dual US-Peruvian citizens.

After hearing some words from the Superintendent of Peruvian Immigration, 48 people were sworn in as citizens and then presented our naturalization titles. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions and the number of people receiving citizenship, Billy and Will had to watch the ceremony via live-stream from another room.

When I traveled to Peru for the first time at 15 years old way back in 2001, I never thought that one day I would eventually become a Peruvian citizen. Peru is a place I have seen many majestic landscapes, met lovely people and life-long friends and, of course, have eaten richly. It is where Billy and I were married and then eventually where Will was born. It has been our home for more than a decade and now we all can proudly say that we are Peruvian.

Viva el Perú!

– Kate, Billy & Will

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