COVID-19 Mandatory Quarantine

Last night through a message to the nation, the president Martin Vizcarra declared Peru in a State of Emergency for the next 15 days. Borders (land, air and water) are closed and people are on mandatory quarantine.

One family member can leave at a time to buy groceries, medicine, or go to the hospital, all others are to work from home. Restaurants, schools, and beaches are closed and public parks are off limits!

Full details about what was implemented by the President can be found here from the UK Embassy in Peru.

The quarantine will greatly affect the economy, small businesses and people that are paid informally. Many people here live off what they make daily or weekly, and not are salaried employees. Most don’t have a surplus. We all are affected by this.

It will be an interesting next few weeks but we are thankful for the actions of the government taking such extreme measures so soon. The first case of COVID-19 was reported just 9 days ago and now there are 72 confirmed cases and I don’t doubt that there are many more untested. It is for our own good to stay home. It affects all of us.

We appreciate your prayers for the people and country of Peru, and that we’re able to stay healthy and sane while stuck at home with Will for the next 2 weeks.

– Kate, Billy & Will

Since meetings with groups of 250+ had already been cancelled, church yesterday was broadcast via livestream.

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