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  1. Thomas Hastie says:

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Hi Kate, I was present at your commissioning. I’m praying for you. God has a way of validating His missionaries, so expect a miracle. At a missions training session in 1994, I heard an account from a Scripture Union worker named Wilson (his first name). The Lord directed him to preach in a town known for its sorcery. So he preached. On the second day, the Spirit directed him to issue a challenge to the sorcerers: “If your god is more powerful than mine, try to kill me.” Nothing happened.
    But that night, a young man came to the house where Wilson was staying. “Please come with me<" he said. He took Wilson to the sorcerers' compound. There was a globe of water in one of the houses, suspended in midair by satanic power. The sorcerers said "We've been praying for your death all night. Your God is more powerful than ours, and we want to know Him" As he led them in the sinner's prayer, the suspended water splashed to the ground. Expect a miracle.

    In Him,

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