A Sunday in Lima

Today I went on the new Metropolitano for the first time!

For the past few years, the entire Centro Civico area in downtown has been congested with construction of Lima’s newest form of public transportation: an eco-friendly bus line that runs from southern Lima to the north. It is supposed to run on a time schedule (which will be a new phenomenon) and probably the best thing about it is that the buses have a dedicated lane just for them. That means no matter how busy and congested the Paseo de la República is, the buses will continue to run.

I went down to the Centro Civico area where the former Lima boys center was located at Avenida Bolivia 180. Since my most recent visit in January, the building that I had spent so many nights on the floor of the auditorium was torn down and in the space stands nothing.

Former Lima Center, originally uploaded by katherinebruder.

But before all of this, this morning I was very happy to spend the morning at Camino de Vida with Billy and Juan Carlos. There is something about a very energetic worship experience that is very uplifting and powerful.

It has been a lovely weekend of getting re-acclimated to Peru. Tomorrow is my last day in the city before settling into my job at Puerto Alegria for the next few months.

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